On September 5, 2006  A friend from work gave me 2 Chickens.  They hatched from their eggs on September 3, 2006.




Meet Mario (black one) and Princess Peach (brown one)!



The kids loved them!  Their dad DID NOT:-(


As Soon as they were old enough, I built them a cage and put them outside.

They grew fast!  Here they are after a month!

 In February it got very cold so I created a water heater so their drinking water wouldn't freeze:-)

Soon it became obvious Mario was really a Maria.  Thank goodness, because if she were a rooster Shawn would have kicked it out.

In March Princess Peach started to lay eggs.


She started to get "Broody"

Very, Very Mean!

So my friend at work brought me a fertile egg.

 She took it right away and sat on it (and 6 non fertile ones) for 21 days.

Maria was very lonely:-(


But on 6/20/2007 she got some company!

Click on the link below to see and hear it chirp!



Princess Peach is a very proud Mom!

To bad Shawn won't let us keep this one:-(

Does anyone want it?  :-)