Welcome to our first cul-de-sac party!

As you can see, the kids were very excited and helped get the party started.

The “Men” checked to make sure the pots were ready for the “Low Country Boil”.

Once the pots were ready the Pros went to work:-)

No! It’s not what you think! The beer is for the Boil not the men.

Looking good!

Looking Better!

Yes, You too! .

Almost ready! .

A little more flavor! .

Shawn and I pretended to help, but we know who the real cooks were.

Check it out! .

Help yourself!!!!

After eating the kids played some games. Like bobbing for apples.

Katie helped explain the rules of the games.

Instead of hitting a Piñata the kids “Whacked a Sack”!

Shawn helped the kids divvy out the candy.

This little girl grabbed her candy and ran!

Thanks for coming!!!