We have moved in!!!:-)!

This is what the neighborhood looks like:-)!

The interior!

The stairs going up to the living room & kitchen. These use to be carpeted but I tore it off and finished the wood.

The carpet is new in the living room as well as the fabric on the couch.

Here is the dining room. I finally finished the tile on the floor:-)!

This is the kitchen, it has new tile too:-)

This is Katies room with all her books and music boxes on her new shelves:-)!

This is Eriks room!

We even decorated his fish tank (the background is Sponge Bobs home)!

Here is the den:-)!

This is a hall that leads too the garage, laundry room & my office.

We are still working on the basement and garage. I will add more pictures when they are done.