As soon as Thanksgiving was over the kids got ready for Christmas.


Wrote their letters to Santa

Went to Home Depot and made napkin holders.

We got an early start on decorating. We even did the neighbors mail box:-)

They were thrilled!

Our house looked pretty good Thanks to Janet's little house.

The kids each got to open a gift on Christmas Eve.

Thank you Karen. They loved it.

The kids were up at 8:00 AM. At least we got to sleep in a little:-)

Thank you Grandma Janet and Grandpa, your gifts were a hit too!

Thank you Aunt Kathy, Uncle Karl and Libby!

After opening all of our gifts we went to deliver some to our neighbors

We hope you liked them.

Thank you Irma and Dale. We can't wait to see them grow!

Here is a very special gift for Dale & Jim.

A portable toilet for their basement pool rooms.

Another lucky recipient of one of my famous calendars:-)

Shawn loved his special pool stick with a laser attachment.

He needs all the help he can get:-)

Well, by the looks of this disaster it was a very good Christmas. We hope you all had a good one too!